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The inevitable faith? Seriously?


Sometimes people can trust in the idiot misunderstanding that "everything has got to be nice and sweet by the end of life. But I trust the person who first said that is such an idiot! You can´t simply trust this faith and wait until your magical Enchanted Prince comes for you and makes you try a fetid sparkling shoe. You have got to go, walk with your friends, sometimes make a mistake or act like a fool, to have your guy, Folks, let me tell y´ll something: this guy will NEVER be an Enchanted Prince! He will always be weird or talk too much, or have an annoying voice, or even annoying everybody. He can not be the most handsome boy on Earth, but he will be yours. Sometimes you  simply have got to understand...

C´mon, who here DOESN´T know that you´ll always have to fight for something? And who here wants to keep fighting after all? ;-)

I am here to save girls and women who have Love problems to superate it, showing Love views, Love stories, a lot of stuff about Love. Of course the picture is prettier than me, Resuming, this is a site\blog who is taking care to talk to people. It is a Love guide for initiants and for people to restart it (made by a 12-years-old girl who never even kissed anybody, but who is already connected with it).